Discover the innovative and timeless handcrafted jewelry designs by Thomas.  His collections weave traditional and modern styles to create distinctive, meaningful, and delicate pieces with flawless attention to detail.

For over 25  years, Thomas has been committed to making beautifully crafted jewelry pieces with techniques passed down for generations. He is known for his geometric, multidimensional shapes as seen in his iconic bracelet; A great example of how he combines luxury metals, like silver and gold, with precious stones. Each piece emphasizes the perfect balance between modern and classic design; his signature style.

His love of clean lines and textures drive him to design one-of-a-kind pieces that are both luxurious and effortless to wear. Each motif is a fusion of ideas, knowledge, and experimentation.

Pieces from his collection have been featured in several art exhibitions. He is also honored to have his collection at the British Museum. Each unique piece is meticulously handcrafted in his studio located in Thessaloniki, Greece.  Thomas’ designs can be found in various galleries and boutiques throughout Europe, United States, and Asia.

  • Amalias 8, 54640 , Thessaloniki, Greece
  • +302310846555
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